Horse Master Harpagophytum Pur

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Horse Master Harpagophytum Pur supports horses with signs of stiffness, osteoarthritis, muscle or articular pains due to age or exercise.
Harpagophytum is a plant which proved, thanks to numerous scientific studies, its virtues to improve the mobility and to relieve pain. Harpagophytum is recommended to relieve painful articular manifestations of rheumatic (osteoarthritis) or traumatic (tendinitis, strains).
Doping control: it is necessary to suspend the administration before the race or an official competition in accordance with the regulation. Harpagophytum Pur should be discontinued at least 48 hours prior to race or competition.
Enclosed scoop holds 8 g.
  • Pony / Small horse: 1 scoop per day in feed
  • Big horse: 2 scoops per day in feed
Distribute Harpagophytum Pur by cure or for maintenance with half scoops. 2 - 3 weeks are needed for full product effectiveness.
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