Horse Master DoloPhyt Flash

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Horse Master DoloPhyt Flash is a complex of plant extracts including thyme, meadow queen and licorice known for their anti-inflammatory properties.
In horses, locomotor disorders are the most common cause (74%) of poor performance. They may, in the most serious cases, lead to early termination of the sporting career. These locomotor affections mainly affect joints, tendons, muscles, feet and bones.
DoloPhyt is particularly suitable for athletes who are subject to locomotor discomfort (stiffness, gait irregularity, lameness), horses sujected to articular troubles and for convalescent or elderly horses. DoloPhyt can be distributed in official competition and in race.
Administer into the horse’s mouth with an oral syringe 2 hours before the race.
Optional dosage: give a syringe the previous evening.
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