Horse Master HargoPhyt

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Horse Master HargoPhyt is a concentrate of plant extracts including Harpagophytum, field horsetail and blackcurrant. HargoPhyt is particularly recommended for horses subject to stiffness at the beginning of the session and after work.

The Harpagophytum is a South African plant whose flowers are provided with claws, hence its nickname "Devil's Claw". The Harpagophytum proved, thanks to numerous scientific studies, its virtues to improve the mobility and to relieve pain. Harpagophytum is recommended to relieve painful articular manifestations of rheumatic (osteoarthritis) or traumatic (tendinitis, strains).
Caution: It is necessary to suspend the administration before a race or an official competition in order to respect regulations.  The association of veterinarians recommends to stop the administration 48 hours before any event.
  • Horses at light work: 50 ml mixed with feed daily.
  • Racing and performance horses: 100 ml during 5 days before an effort.

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