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Foran Equine FOR-RECOVERY provides horses with a quality source of Ubiquinol CoQ10, an essential feed element for normal body function. Utilising the natural antioxidant and energy production activity of Ubiquinol CoQ10, FOR-RECOVERY is the ideal support for the elite equine athlete during both pre-training and a busy racing or competition schedule, helping to maintain performance throughout the season.

Support the equine athlete with the power of Ubiquinol CoQ10

Ubiquinol is the body's first choice of antioxidant

Products from the Foran Equine FOR-LIFE range are the ONLY CoQ10 products available for horses that contain pure Ubiquinol CoQ10, formulated to ensure consistent top quality, as nature intended.

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Comes in a box with 30 sachets, sufficient for one month.

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