Horse Master Muscle Plus

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Horse Master Muscle Plus is a complex of major antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E, protectors of the integrity of the cells, protecting the muscular membranes from radical attacks. It contains also Lysine, the major amino acid in horses, to compensate its destruction by  free radicals. The formula also includes Group B vitamins to support energy metabolism.
The main characteristic of the muscular tissue, and not the least, is to transform chemical energy into mechanical energy which initiates movement. The muscles required a daily support.
Muscle Plus is especially recommended for horses subjected to intensive efforts, horses with poor muscle mass, yearlings in preparation of sale, and stallions or broodmares to prepare the season.
Distribute in horse’s feed or directly into mouth:
  • Horses in training or competition: 50ml/day
  • Stallions, brood mares: 50ml/day
  • Ponies and small horses: 25ml/day.

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