Horse Master Equisorbi

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Horse Master Equisorbi is a formula which combines the properties of sorbitol and plants, including boldo and artichoke, known for their draining and protective properties. Equisorbi is particularly recommended for horses who have received a vaccine, deworming or antibiotic treatment.
The liver is a vital organ, it carries out 3 main actions:
  • Energy production and storage: The cells of the liver (hepatocytes) have the ability to transform nutrients adsorbed by the intestine into energy. This energy is either immediately sent to the organs, or stored and released as soon as the organs manifest a need. The liver is the regulator of blood glucose and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Production of the bile: As the horse has no gallbladder, the bile produced by the liver is permanently drained to ensure its roles of lipid degradation, waste disposal, and bile salt secretion.
  • Detoxification: Foreign molecules absorbed by the organism (including drugs) are either transformed or destroyed by the liver.

Feed mixed to the daily ration or directly in the mouth of the horse 3 days after deworming, antibiotic treatment, ...

  • Maintenance : 30 ml per day during 20 days
  • 50 ml per day for 6 days for horses
  • 20 to 40 ml for foals or ponies (according to their weight) during 6 days
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