Horse Master EquiFlora

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Horse Master EquiFlora is a unique solution that combines a prebiotic and a probiotic action.

An imbalance of the microflora, called dysmicrobism, can compromise horse health and performance. Factors causing these dysmicrobisms are numerous: sudden changes in diet or environment, stress, weaning, lack of fibers, excess in fermentable carbohydrates (starch). These troubles, whatever their origin, induce a proliferation of cellulolytic bacteria, a production and an accumulation of lactic acid with lactic acidosis risks.
Horse Master EquiFlora combines two actions:
  • a prebiotic action which maintains and helps the development of the beneficial intestinal flora, with the consequence the reinforcement of the immune defenses specific to the intestine and therefore the general immune system of the horse.
  • a probiotic action which helps to regulate the intestinal acidity and digestibility.
Enclosed scoop holds 50 ml = 25 g.
Add to feed:
  • Foal: 5 g per day
  • Yearling: 10 g per day
  • Brood mare: 40 to 50 g/day (2 scoops)
  • Adult horse maintenance: 20 to 25 g/day (a small scoop)
  • Sport horses, horses submitted to stress or digestive discomfort: 40 to 50 g/day (2 scoops).

To promote digestive security, distribute EquiFlora during 3 to 4 weeks.

Sold in 500 grams.

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