Horse Master Gastrix

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Horse Master Gastrix is a solution which combines plants virtues and raw materials rigorously selected to soothe the mucous membrane. Cider vinegar exerts a beneficial action against erosions of the mucosa, and is also a regulator of gastric acidity. Cabbage helps to protect and regenerate damaged tissue and honey exerts its soothing and softening action. Gastrix is especially recommended for horses prone to gastric problems.
Gastric ulcers can reach up to 93% of Thoroughbred horses. Diet management with exercise, is a major risk factor for gastric ulcers according to the epidemiological studies carried out on the subject. The feeding may therefore aggravate or limit the risk of gastric ulcers in the horse.
Give 60 ml with an oral syringe twice a day (morning and evening) for 30 days. Then reduce dose to 30 ml twice a day (morning and evening).
Bottle of 946 ml
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