Foran Nutri-Gard

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Foran Equine Nutri-Gard is a supplement to support stomach health through an enhanced prebiotic, highly digestible fibre and B vitamins to promote appetite. Take care of your horse from the inside out with the benefits of Nutri-Gard for healthy digestion.


  • Postbiotics: promote optimal gut and immune health
  • Prebiotics: support a healthy hindgut microbiome
  • B vitamins: promote appetite and optimise feed utilisation
  • Pectin: helps buffer stomach acid
  • L-Threonine: essential for mucin production that protects the digestive tract
  • DL-Methionine: aids the activity of intestinal enzymes
  • Oat fibre: naturally rich in beta-glucans
  • Apple flavour: highly palatable


  • Nutri-Gard is a uniquely formulated powder that helps the horse maintain stomach health.

Suitable for:

  • Horses that are sensitive to gastric acid
  • Horses that need extra digestive support
  • Horses under stress with reduced immune function
  • Horses fed a lot of concentrate and little roughage
  • Horses with low body condition
  • Horses with reduced appetite
  • Horses that travel or compete regularly
  • Stabilising the microflora during periods of dietary changes such as the introduction of fresh spring grazing


Bodyweight Dose per day
450-600kg 60ml
300-450kg 45ml
200-350kg 30ml
<200kg 20ml

3 kg bucket.


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