Horse Master Vitamin E - Selenium - Lysine Liquid

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Horse Master Vitamin E - Selenium - Lysine is a complex of major antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E, protectors of cells and muscles integrity from the radical attacks. It contains also Lysine, the major amino acid in horses, to compensate its destruction by  free radicals. Vitamin E - Selenium - Lysine is particularly recommended for athletic horses. It can also be given to growing foals deficiency in vitamin E or horses in convalescence.
Each cell of the organism is always subjected to the production of free radicals. In large quantities, these free radicals can become "pathological" by causing cells alterations and then troubles and pathologies. Several studies have shown that some situations (intense effort, lack of antioxidant elements in feed, inflammation) induce the formation of free radicals in large quantities, thus exceeding the antioxidant capacity of the organism. In addition, these free radicals attack particularly proteins and amino acids.
Mix to the daily feed:
  • Athlete horses, stallions, mares: 50 ml per day.
  • Pony: 25 ml per day.

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