Horse Master Omega 3.6.9

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Horse Master Omega 3.6.9 is a source of essential fatty acids, thanks to soya oil (important source of omega 6), canola oil (source of omega 9) and linseed oil (important source of omega 3), bring in an ideal proportion. The formula Omega 3.6.9 also provides a major antioxidant, vitamin E, complementary to the addition of oils in the diet.

Vegetable oils have many interests in feeding horses:
  • They are an energy source: The addition of oil makes it possible to increase the energy density of a ration without increasing the feed volume. In energy equivalent, 1L of vegetable oil = 3 kg of barley!
  • They are involved in muscle metabolism: The use of lipids (oils) in the ration saves glycogen stocks (source of energy in the muscle) and therefore delay the onset of fatigue during an effort
  • These are sources of omega 3 and 6: Omega 3 and 6 are "essential fatty acids", ie they can not be synthesized by the body.
The addition of oil to the ration of the horse leads additional requirements of anti-oxidants because the oxidation of fatty acids produced free radicals. Thus, vitamin E is able to trap these free radicals.
Our advice: do not exceed 5-7% of oil in the ration for racing horses and 8-12% for endurance horses. Never exceed 500 ml / day of oil per horse.
Mix Omega 3.6.9 with the daily feed or give directly (in back of horse’s mouth) at a rate of :
  • Horse : 50 to 70 ml per day.
  • Foal / Pony : 25ml per day.

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