Horse Master Serenitude

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Horse Master Serenitude is especially recommended for horses naturally anxious. Serenitude is a solution based on chicory and yeast known for their beneficial actions on the digestive system. Studies carried out on the nutritional benefits of brewer's yeast showed they are particularly rich in proteins (about 40-50%), in vitamins of group B (especially in B1) and a great a source of Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS). This prebiotic is known to promote the growth of the beneficial bacteria of the intestine preserving the digestive health of its host.
Some horses show a general discomfort which can result of anxiety, lack of appetite or a difficult appetite, lack of consistency in faeces and even aggressiveness. The cause of this discomfort is often linked to a digestive disorder.
Enclosed scoop holds 15 g.
  • Distribute 1 scoop per 100 kg weights, for 20 days. Repeat if necessary.
1,65 kg bucket.
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