Horse Master Red Power

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Horse Master Red Power is a complete energizing solution enriched with trace elements and vitamins essential to the vitality of the horse. This complete formula is flavored with Yucca, which makes it very palatable. Horse Master Red Power brings form and vitality to athlete horse in training and competition / racing period. It is also particularly recommended for anemic or convalescent horses without heating them.
Deficits of vitality often result in a decrease in energy and an inability to sustain effort. Fatigue, a widespread symptom but also the common point of several diseases, can be responsible for many disorders causing a global lack of energy.
Our advise: make sure beforehand that the fatigue of your horse is not pathological, symptom of disease or an imbalance that requires the collaboration of your vet. 
Feed Red Power by mixing into daily feed ration or orally with a dose syringe.
  • Horses in training: 60 ml daily.
  • Horses at maintenance: 30 ml daily.

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