Foran Coppervit

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Foran Equine Coppervit is a chelated Copper supplement fortified with Vitamin E, Manganese, Biotin and Vitamin B12


  • Chelated Copper – required for the healthy development and integrity of connective tissue as well as being required for bone development
  • Chelated Manganese – involved in the synthesis of chondroitin sulphate and therefore important for healthy joints
  • Vitamin E – a key antioxidant
  • Biotin – important to maintain healthy hoof horn growth
  • Vitamin B12 – promotes red blood cell formation


  • Breeding Stock-Copper influences fertility in mares, elasticity of tissues and skin condition. Foals and growing horses need adequate Copper for correct development of bone structure
  • Horses in Training or Competition– as bone is a dynamic structure Copper is required throughout the life of the horse. With its role in tissue elasticity it has an important role to play in the performance horse
  • Show Horses and Sales Prep – Copper enhances skin and hair condition and when fed alongside Kentucky Karron Oil will produce a natural sheen and depth of colour

Suitable for

  • All horses
  • Particularly mares and foals, horses in competition or training and showing horses and sales prepping.


Bodyweight   Dose per day
450-600kg Adult horse 30ml
200-350kg Yearlings 15ml
<200kg Foals 10ml

*Prolonged administration of this product should be on veterinary advice only


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