Horse Master Liver Light

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Horse Master Liver Light is a solution combining numerous plant extracts selected for their draining and detoxifying properties, contributing positively on the liver functions.
The liver plays a key role in the detoxification processes of the organism. It removes harmful substances (including toxins) from the blood and then degrades or transforms them into less dangerous components. It metabolizes most hormones and medications ingested into more or less active products. The liver synthesizes and secretes bile to remove fat-soluble toxins and cholesterol. When liver detoxification systems are overwhelmed, toxins accumulate in the body and are capable of damaging many physiological processes, including immune function. It is therefore particularly important to protect the liver and stimulate its functioning.
Mix Liver Light with the daily feed or give directly into the mouth 20 ml per day at a rate of one week per month. Repeat every 21 days regularly.

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1 liter bottle.
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