Horse Master Lactomuscle

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Horse Master Lactomuscle is composed mainly of sodium citrate known as buffering agent. Lactomuscle is particularly recommended for athletic horses subjected to post-stress muscle disorders.
At exercise, the appearance of H+ ions in the muscles and in the blood changes the pH and the acid-base balance, causing disturbances in muscle contractions and in the production of energy. The organism naturally has buffer molecules (bicarbonates, phosphates, ...) to maintain the acid-base balance. In athletes, where this balance is fragile, supplementation with buffer substances would improve the capacity of the buffer system i.e the elimination of lactate and delay the threshold of fatigue.
Horses in training : feed 30 ml daily.
If appropiate, a further amount of up to 60 ml may be given directly over the back of the tongue, immediately after fast work or racing.
1 liter bottle.
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