Horse Master Dry Flex

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Horse Master Dry Flex is a solution based on essential oils known for their antiseptic and astringent properties on keratinized tissues.
This frog treatment is applied by the supplied syringe and ensures application of the product deep into the medial gap and between the glomes. Dry Flex participates in the drying of damaged fabrics and leaves a protective film, avoiding any contact with the impurities. This solution is ideal for horses with damaged / rotted frogs.
Clean the hoof thoroughly by removing debris and necrotic material prior to application of Dry Flex. Pour Dry Flex in the provided syringe and pose the piston. Introduce the end of the syringe into the central groove of the frog as far as possible. Administer the contents of the syringe until it overflows. Let dry, taking care to always keep the foot raised. Repeat the operation after three days (2 times if necessary).
Our advise: for maximum efficiency, wait until the product dries before resting the horse's foot.
30 ml bottle.
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