Horse Master Hoof Repair

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Horse Master Hoof Repair is a complete formula providing amino acids, trace-elements (zinc, copper) and d-biotin known for his action on keratin synthesis. Hoof Repair is particularly suitable for horses with damaged hooves (friable horn, cracks, consequences of laminitis).

D-biotin, the only biologically active form, is involved in the synthesis of keratin. Supplementation with biotin has shown positive effects on the quality and growth of the horn of horses. Biotin also has a positive effect on the quality of the skin and hair.

Distribute Hoof Repair mix with the daily ration:

  • Ponies and Foals: 15 ml
  • Yearlings and Middleweight Horses: 30 ml
  • Heavy Horses: 45 ml

For best results, we advice to give Hoof Repair for 4 to 6 months.

1 liter bottle.

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