Horse Master Best Hoof

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Horse Master Best Hoof is a complete formula providing amino acids (lysine, methionine), trace elements (zinc, copper) and d-biotin. Best Hoof is especially recommended to help horses with damaged hooves.
Many horses can not perform because of a problem or sensitivity to the feet. Although many factors influence the development of the foot, biotin intake has shown many times its value. D-biotin, the only biologically active form, contains sulfur in its molecule and is part of a coenzyme required for energy metabolism. Involved in the metabolism of keratin synthesis, it is well established that it plays an important role in the structure of the hooves and the skin. Scientific studies have shown that biotin supplementation of 20 mg per day had positive effects on horn quality and increased its growth rate.
Enclosed scoop provides 15 g.
Give to the horse 2 scoops of Best Hoof per day during at least 60 days provided 20 mg of pure biotin per day (or use as directed by your veterinary advisor). For an optimal result it is advised to feed Best Hoof during 8 to 10 months.
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