Foran Copper-Max Paste

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Foran Equine Copper-Max Paste is a chelated Copper and Zinc syringe for convenient supplementation 


  • Chelated Copper – required for the healthy development and integrity of connective tissue as well as being required for bone development
  • Zinc – involved in protein and carbohydrate synthesis. Important for the integrity of the skin
  • Biotin – to support healthy hoof horn growth


  • Can be used in breeding or for performance horses as an alternative to daily supplementation
  • Ideal for horses kept at pasture

Suitable for:

  • All horses including young stock


Usually a course of 3 syringes are required.

Bodyweight   Dose per 7-14 days
450-600kg Adult horses Full syringe
200-350kg Yearlings 1/2 syringe

*Prolonged administration of this product should be on veterinary advice only


Click here for the composition of this supplement.

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