Horse Master Vénorégul

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Horse Master Vénorégul is a solution based on plant extracts including Ginkgo Biloba, known for its stimulating and veintonic properties. Vénorégul is particularly recommended in all cases requiring stimulation of the circulatory system (congestion, convalescence with immobilization, aged and sedentary horses, competitions, laminitis).

The circulation of the blood and more precisely the venous return (return of blood from the lower parts of the body to the heart) require special attention. Certain situations such as pathology (cases of laminitis), intense efforts, age, immobilization can affect the blood circulation and make it difficult to return blood from the feet and limbs to the heart. This can cause local pain in the feet or limbs and congestion. Thanks to the action of plants and plant extracts performing to stimulate the blood circulation, it is then possible to act at the first signs of congestion.
Mix with the feed or directly into the mouth.
  • 25 ml of Vénorégul morning and evening during 4 days then 25 ml once per day during 4 to 8 days or longer if necessary.

1 l bottle.

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