Horse Master Tendileg Gel

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Horse Master Tendileg Gel is a massage gel for muscles, tendons and joints. Its natural complex formula is based on organic silicon, hyaluronic acid, fucus (marine algae) and essential oils (rosemary, laurel noble, arnica, clove, eucalyptus, ...) intended to relax and soothe temporary pain of the tendons, joints and muscles caused by intensive work (stiffness, cramps, tendonitis, ...). Tendileg Gel can be used before and after the effort.
Muscle, tendon and articular massages before and after exercise optimize the preparation for the physical effort and / or the rapidity of recovery. A tonic massage will act directly on the blood circulation, while a slow and deep massage will reduce the musculo-tendinous residual tensions.
Apply Tendileg Gel before and after effort, to tendons, articulations or muscles using a light massage following the grain of the hair until complete penetration. For tendons, impregnated cotton of gel can be placed under bindings to increase the time of contact. Re-apply 2 or 3 times per day.
500 ml bottle.
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