Horse Master Super Liniment

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Horse Master Super Liniment is a massage solution based on natural extracts of plants and aromatic herbs with soothing and antiseptic properties.
Super Liniment is particularly recommended for the legs and muscles of horses:
  • before work to warm the muscle masses, especially in case of stiffness.
  • after intense work to facilitate recovery.

For the limbs, the back, the shoulders and the loins.

  • Before work: rub 15 to 30 min into sore and painful area.
  • After exercise: pure or diluted once to twice daily on muscles and tendons. For best results wrap legs with bandages. Can also be used to soak the cottons by diluting 3 caps in 10 L of water, then immerse the cottons in it and put under band all the night. Do not rinse in the morning and repeat the operation for three consecutive nights.
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