Horse Master Itch Remedy

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Horse Master Itch Remedy is a non-greasy ointment intended to allay those itching in horses with summer dermatitis. Itch Remedy combines the properties of essential oils, vegetable oils and plant extracts to leave soft and silky hairs, restore vitality and shine to damaged hair and relieve itching.
In summer, the flying insect bites (mosquitoes, midges of the genus Culicoides, flies, horseflies ...) can cause itching with risk of infection.
First applications:
  • Put a large walnut cream Itch Remedy in the palm of the hand, then coat the base of the tail and mane. Rub vigorously against the grain to bring the ointment in contact with skin and completely coat the bristles. Apply 2 or 3 times daily for the first few days, then gradually space out to get an application per week.
Following applications:
  • One application per week or early recurrence of scratching.
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