Horse Master Foal Colostrum

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Horse Master Foal Colostrum has been formulates to provide newborn foals with the nutrients they need to grow. Foal Colostrum is also beneficial for older foals.

Colostrum is the first secretion produced by the mare after foaling (about 2.5 L per mare), it precedes the milk. Its composition is also different to the milk: it is richer in proteins, specifically immunoglobulins (Ig), also called antibodies. Taking colostrum is vital within 12 hours post birth as the foal is born "defenseless". Indeed, at birth foals are devoid of antibodies and therefore unable to fight against potential pathogens. The passive transfer of immunity is then exclusively by colostrale way.
The oral syringe is easy to use. 

Warm to body temperature and administer a first 30ml syringe just after birth and a second one 3 hours later. Very weak foals can be given a 3rd dose of 30ml after 6-12 hours.

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