Foran Equi-Lyte G

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Foran Equine Equi-Lyte G is a powder with essential electrolytes with added Vitamin C and E


  • Balanced electrolytes – to replace electrolytes lost through sweating
  • Vitamin E – powerful antioxidant to help aid muscle recovery
  • Vitamin C – maintains a healthy immune system


  • Especially formulated to restore electrolyte levels after sweating
  • Helps to maintain fluid balance, promotes faster rehydration, maintains appetite and improves muscle recovery
  • Anti-oxidants Vitamins C and E – helps reduce cellular injury and aid muscle recovery
  • Palatable – maintains appetite post-exercise
  • Water should always be freely available once electrolytes are given to facilitate rehydration. 

Suitable for:

  • Performance horses after strenuous work or competition


Bodyweight Workload Dose per day
450-600kg Hard work 60g
300-450kg Hard work 45g
450-600kg Rest or light work 30g


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