Horse Master Muscle Builder

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Horse Master Muscle Builder is a formula adapted for athlete horses. Muscle Builder is especially recommended for athlete horses, for horses haven poor muscle mass, after a prolonged stop, or when the horse is difficult to keep muscle.
Gamma Oryzanol has been proven his interest for athletes. Indeed, several studies have shown that a supplementation in Gamma Oryzanol during an effort stimulated hormone production (growth hormone, endorphin) particularly active during the synthesis of muscle protein (construction and regeneration). In addition, Gamma Oryzanol is a powerful anti-oxidant agent that fights the oxidative stress involved in the degeneration of cells and inhibits their renewal.
Mix with the ration of the horse at a rate of:
  • 1 scoop per day for a yearling or a light work
  • 2 scoops per day for an intensive work
Avoid giving Muscle Builder to the horses at rest.
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