Farnam Laser Sheen Detangler

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Farnam Laser Sheen Detangler is a detangler and volumizer that eliminates tangles, for a flowing mane and tail. 

Laser Sheen Detangler's specially formulated silicones easily remove tangles and knots. This product increases manageability and boosts volume for a thick, full mane and tail. It restores moisture to prevent static and it strengthens the hair, helping to eliminate breakage and split-ends. Laser Sheen is properly pH-balanced to return the horse's skin pH to its normal, healthy level. The PABA sunscreen helps protect hair from fading. This product is quick-drying, non-greasy and won't collect dust or dirt, it provides a beautiful shine!

Apply some Laser Sheen Detangler to your hands and gently massage into wet or dry mane and tail. Comb out and continue to apply small amounts until mane and tail appear thick, smooth and radiant. You can also use this product as a concentrate; pour 1-2 teaspoons into a bucket and slowly add water. Dunk the tail into the bucket and gently swish, working product in with your hands. Keep tail submersed for 30-60 seconds. Remove excess water and let air dry.

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