Horse Master Equisport 4.13

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Horse Master Equisport 4.13 is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Equisport 4.13 is rigorously balanced to complete the traditional feeding of the breaking yearlings and young exercising horses. Equisport 4.13 ensures mineral intake to satisfy all requirements of young horses. It may also be suitable for adult horses at light to moderate exercise. 
Nutritional requirements of young horses are composed of basal metabolism, growth and physical activity requirements. 
Enclosed scoop of 200 ml = 160 g.

Supplementation of cereal based ration:
  • Horses : 150 g per day
  • Foals : 100 g per day
Supplementation of complete ration:
  • Horses : 100 g per day
  • Foals : 50 g per day
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