Horse Master Calci Mineral

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Horse Master Calci Mineral is formulated from elements such as calcium, minerals and oligo-elements (boron, silicon, zinc and manganese), all essential to the formation of a functional and resistant bone structure. Calci Mineral is particularly recommended for growing foals and / or pregnant mares.
Bone tissue has a vital importance for the organism both biomechanically and metabolically (a real reservoir of mineral salts for the body). This tissue, characterized by its hardness and its appearance rigidity, is in fact a dynamic structure in perpetual remanagement. The solidity of its structure is due to the presence of mineral salts and more particularly of calcium, essential to the mineralization of the bone tissue. Inadequate intake or excessive loss results in less mineralization and thus less mechanical strength.
Graduated scoop = 50 g.
  • Foal - Pony: 25 g per day.
  • Yearling: 50 g per day.
  • Adult horse and mare: 100 g per day.
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