Horse Master B-Quiet Syringe

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Horse Master B-Quiet is a complete solution based on L-Tryptophan for its relaxing effects, magnesium and B-group vitamins (especially B1) known to preserve nervous and muscular balances. B-Quiet is particularly recommended for anxious and/or nervous horses, during stressful events (transport, competition, change of environment). B-Quiet does not alter the sporting capabilities of the animal.
In the organism, tryptophan is essential and is the rarest of amino acids. However, it is necessary for the synthesis of serotonin and sleep hormone, melatonin. Numerous studies showed that an increase in tryptophan concentrations resulted in increased serotonin release. It plays an essential role in the regulation of behaviour, anxiety, appetite and sleep.
Administer directly into the horse’s mouth with an oral syringe approximately 1 to 2 hours prior to training or a particular event.
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