Foran Atta-Sorb Gel

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Foran Equine Atta-Sorb Gel is suitable for foals with persistent loose droppings and to replace electrolyte loss


  • Attapulgites – to protect the natural healthy bacterial flora of the gut
  • Sodium, Potassium and Chloride – electrolytes to maintain fluid balance
  • Pectin – absorbent binding agent to help firm droppings


  • Atta-Sorb Gel is a safe, effective adjunctive support for use in foals with digestive upset
  • Convenient individual presentation for ease and accuracy of administration

*Veterinary advice should be sought for foals with persistent digestive upset

Suitable for:

  • Foals


Bodyweight Workload Amount to be given twice daily
<200kg Foals 10ml
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