Horse Master Actifoal H.P

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Horse Master Actifoal H.P is a complementary feed based on skimmed milk, whey, soybean meal, essential amino acids (lysine & methionine), vitamins, trace elements and minerals essential to the growth of the foal. Actifoal H.P allows an optimal accompaniment of the foal to a solid feed. It can be distributed from 2 months.
Very early, from the first days of age, the foal begins to be interested in the solid feed distributed to his mother. Time spent grazing increased significantly between one week and five months of age, from 8% to 50%. During this transitional period, passing from a milky diet (consumption of 15 L of milk per day to a week of age) to a solid diet, a set of digestive and enzymatic changes are made to become a herbivore. 
Enclosed scoop holds 200 ml = 100 g.
  • Foals from 2 to 18 months: feed 100 to 150 g per day per animal.
This quantity has to be modulated according to the age and morphology of the foal.
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