THS Horsecare Weerstand Vitall XXL

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THS Horsecare Weerstand Vitall XXL is a 100% natural herbal mixture for horses that need some extra resistance.

Weerstand Vitall XXL has been specially formulated for horses that are experiencing a slight decline in their resistance or condition. Especially during the winter months, horses can use some extra power. This ground herb mix has a delicious fragrance and is therefore very well eaten by the horse. 

THS Weerstand Vitall XXL is a supplementary feed based on herbs, herbs and plants have been processed in this supplement with the greatest possible quality and care. Weerstand Vitall XXL is 100% natural and contains no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings. This product has been processed to a human consumption quality. 

Once a day, mix a tablespoon of Vitall Resistance XXL with 250 ml of boiling water and allow to cool. Stir well and add to the daily ration. Not to be used with pregnant mares and not recommended for horses with kidney and liver problems.

Bucket of 1 kilo.

Please note: herbal mixes do not have a doping-free claim, this is partly due to possible cross-contamination. 

Composition: wormwood herb, alfalfa herb, calcite leaf, nettle leaf, yarrow, oak bark, fenugreek seed, Solidago virgaurea, horsetail, temoe lawak and Rheum palmatum.


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