THS Horsecare Plus Mix

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THS Horsecare Plus Mix is a 100% natural herbal mixture for horses that supports the body in the natural prevention and healing of mud fever. 

The fetlock area of horses is often a weak spot during autumn and winter. The wet conditions can cause irritation of the skin, therefore bacteria can nestle in the skin. Plus Mix supports the horse's body in a natural way. 

THS Plus Mix is a supplementary feed based on herbs, herbs and plants have been processed in this supplement with the greatest possible quality and care. Plus Mix is 100% natural and contains no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings. This product has been processed to a human consumption quality. 

Mix, twice daily, two tablespoons of THS Plus Mix with 250 to 500 ml of boiled water. Mix the cooled water with the herbs through pellets or muesli and feed it directly to the horse. After 14 days, reduce the dosage to two tablespoons once a day. Do not use on pregnant mares and not recommended on horses with kidney and liver problems.

Bucket of 750 grams.

Please note: herbal mixes do not have a doping-free claim, this is partly due to possible cross-contamination. 

Composition: symphytum officinale, oak bark and fenugreek


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