Foran Nutri-Gard Extra

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Foran Equine Nutri-Gard Extra is a high fibre and prebiotic powder to aid gastric health and optimise feed metabolism


  • Digestible Fibre – to help coat the stomach lining
  • B vitamins – for carbohydrate metabolism, amino acid metabolism and red blood cell formation
  • Hydrolysed Protein – Pre-digested readily available amino acids to support the immune system and help maintain condition
  • Prebiotics – to promote the growth of gut friendly bacteria to aid digestion and optimise feed utilisation in the large intestine
  • Palatable, apple flavour.


  • Nutri-Gard Exta is a uniquely formulated powdered digestible fibre to help maintain stomach health.

Suitable for:

  • Performance horses


Bodyweight Dose per day
450-600kg 60ml
300-450kg 45ml
200-350kg 30ml
<200kg 20ml

3 kg bucket.


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